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About Us

HONG KONG EXPORT IMPORT COMPANY LIMITED (HEXIMCO) is a Hong Kong-based International Trading Company; engaged in General Trading, Letter of Credit (LC) Handling, Letter of Credit Discounting, Inspection, Indenting, and Project Implementation. The countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Greater African territories; every import needs LC. Is very hard for those importers to remit any TT from their sides. In the meantime, Chinese suppliers either do not want or have no trust in the LC payment. In these cases, Company like HEXIMCO is the best choice. We receive LC from these countries and pay the negotiated amount to the supplier here in China and Export the commodities. We accept almost all kinds of LC with a very good margin of commission.HEXIMCO also supports the foreign investor to open a company in China, and Hong Kong, and do all secretarial work for the same including immigration, accounting, and auditing services.